Thursday, August 21, 2014


Athirasam, I'ts one of my favourite sweet...... its a south indian traditional 

My wife is an expert in making athirasam...  she had that much of experience in it.. Its a bit easy when you have tried couple of times. .i may not got the proper shape but the taste was yummy and i get the perfect texture.. It had a crispy outside and soft inside . 

Happy to share the reciepe with you all 


Raw rice          -2 cups
Jaggery           -200 gms
Cardamon       - 6 nos 
oil                     - to fry 
Kasakasa         - 2 tsp


1  Soak 2 cups of rice 2-3 hours drain them out, dry them in a clean towel, 

 2. Powder the rice and sieve them,.Add the jaggery in a pan

  3. Add  little amount of water, .. boil them in medium flame,

 4.  Once the Jaggery is melted  strain it  and again boil it in medium flame..

 5. Stir them continuously, and now its the second check, here it gets little thick, and now wait or few mins and do the third check, now it comes drop by drop..

  6. When you get the drop lets, check it in a bowl water, it won't dissolve in it, 

 7. And  powder the Cardamon, and set aside..

 8. Take out the Jaggery syrup and add the fine flour to it, mix them well.. slowly add the flour little by little..

 9. Add the Coarse powder, yellaki powder, kasakasa and dmix them well..

10. Here all the things get together in, without any lumps.. and cover it with a clean towel,  and set it in the room temperature for 24 hours. 

 11. Now Heat the pan with oil, grease your hands with little oil and ping a bit from the prepared dough, it should come without sticking your hand, in the mean time grease a plastic sheet with some oil and form a round shape 

12. Drop them in hot oil and put the flame to medium.. flip them and cook till turns brown color.. strain them out and keep them in a colander..

  Perfect Athirasam is ready

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