Thursday, April 15, 2010

Foods to Beat Summer

..Each and every season is a different experience in itself. Some people like the monsoon, some like winter and some like summers. Summer is season that evokes a very mixed feeling among many people. Some people like it because the atmosphere is not soggy like the monsoons, others like the bright day light of the summers. Many also dislike it because the temperatures are rising and it's very difficult to step out of the house/office when the temperature is at its high. But one thing that no one can deny is that people inherently feel very lazy during summers.

In the summer, we often feel drowsy and lethargic from environmental issues such as heat or sun. When we feel extremely sleepy, this often leads to the actual falling asleep at the most inappropriate times. But there is a way to avoid that laziness and that is to tackle it with the right type of food. There is a specific type of food for every season and summer is no different. By eating the right type of food you can keep that lazy sluggish feeling at bay. Here is a list of food that you should have to remain active throughout summers:

  • Chana and Barley : They both have cooling properties and also are very light for the stomach.

  • Dhokla: Being steamed, it is inherently light and since it is made from black chana (black chickpea), it is a good source of energy. This energy will help you keep going throughout the day.

  • Idli and dosa: Made from rice, these dishes are fantastic for your stomach. Although a word of caution; try to avoid the coconut chutney and have it with a light homemade sambhar. It is both light and energy rich and it will keep you ticking throughout the day.

  • Dal/lentil soups: The Mulugwtanii soup is one of the favorite soups of many and if a big bowl of a dal/lentil based soup is combined with a platter of fresh sautéed veggies, it can become a full meal which is very healthy and satisfying.

  • Boiled lentil salads: Lobia (black-eyed beans), black chana (black chickpea) and white mutter salads with a lot of herbs and spices and a dash of tamarind make for an ideal summer delights.

  • Raitas: Raitas are a good and healthy add-on to your regular meal. In summers, one can experiment with cucumber, lauki (bottle goaurd), kachumber (mixed vegetables) raita, mooli (white radish) raitas, brinjal raita etc.

  • Chutney: Mango chutney, pudina-dhania (mint-coriander) chutney, mooli (white radish) chutney, amla (indian gooseberry) chutney etc help in adding that extra zing to your regular meals making them interesting and it is also healthy for the digestion process.

  • Boiled potato chat: add lots of herbs, spices, tomato and onions and what you get is a light healthy evening snack to indulge yourself!

  • Bhelpuri: One of the few extremely popular street food which is almost available everywhere. It is very tangy and if the customary fried sev is avoided and the fried papadi is substituted with baked papdi, it can be very healthy.

  • Paneer and veggies salad: It can be very healthy and it can hike your energy levels without the drowsy feeling. You can experiment with pineapple to enhance the taste.

  • Fermented foods: Food like curd, tofu, khameeri roti, etc can also increase your energy level and can be nutritious at the same time.

  • Sprouts: Though not always welcomed by most people but even if eaten once a week, it can be a amazing source of natural vital energy plus it can also be an anti-aging solution.

  • Foods to avoid:

    As there are foods that can keep you ticking throughout the day, there are also some foods that can increase your lethargy. So try avoiding the following food.
    • All proteins and carbohydrate combination like rajma (kidney beans) rice, kadhi chawal, chicken and nan, rice and curd.
    • All maida (white flour) based foods like white bread, pasta, noodles, macroni, nan, kulcha, pizza, burgers etc.
    • All Sooji (semolina) products like sooji rusk.
    • All corn based products like tortilla chips.
    • Sugar syrup based products like sweet aerated drinks, preserved juices etc.
    • Heavy fried food (as it heats the body and generates gas in the stomach)
    Instead of three heavy meals, look for small 4-5 meals with fresh fruit salad and sprouts kind of food. Take adequate water or nimbu paani (lemonade). Cutting down abruptly on fried and junk food will keep the digestive system healthy and happy. Reducing the intake of meat products and Caffeine based product will be very health friendly. Following some of these tips not only will keep lethargy at bay it will also make summers more bearable!

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